This couple is really unique! They have known each other from childhood. Evdokiya and Vasiliy went to the same Kindergarten, then the same school, College and University. They have always been together since they were toddlers!

They are so different from each other, but as everyone knows, opposites attract.

The bride's parents took an active part in the preparation of the wedding.

We Immediately decided to abandon the tuxedos and evening gowns in favor of comfort and relaxation. The idea of a cowboy style wedding was an instant hit. The morning's preparation was at the loft. The newlyweds with their friends had a great deal of fun filming this little western! The wedding venue took place on the lawn near the Klyazma river.

AS the wedding venue was selected a beautiful place on the shore Klyazma reservoir. Decorated in rustic style and perfectly in line with the western theme. It's hard to say who enjoyed themselves more: the older generation or the couple and their young friends. Everybody was absolutely thrilled and the wedding lasted until after midnight!

Photographer: Grigory Mamontov

Thursday, 08 December 2016