Every wedding for me is like a little life!

Each of them has its own story full of joys and challenges, but they always have a happy ending! I used to offer private service for my clients, because no two couples are the same so no two weddings should be either. For that reason I don't have any pre-planned packages or readymade scripts for you. Instead, I always create a unique and unforgettable event for each couple. With my extensive knowledge and professional experience in the wedding industry and creating events abroad I can say with confidence that you will receive Full Wedding Planning Service.

Bellow are the basic principles of my work:

- Quality

- Individual approach

- Confidentiality

- Personal attention

That is why we are getting on well with my couples after their weddings for a long time.

Cinderella's wedding

Alexander and Anastasia

France, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

September 8, 2016

That happy day in Montenegro

Konstantin and Alina

Regent Porto Montenegro, 5*

September 27 , 2017

Love since childhood...

Evdokia and Vasily

Moscow region

June 23, 2015

The place for happiness is here!

Roman and Alina


September 11, 2016

WedComoConference, Italy

Anna Michel and Francesco

WedComoConference, 16

October 30, 2016

A happy coincidence

Catherine and Ilya

Moscow, center

October 17, 2015

I'll go with you to the ends of the Earth!

Anna and Maxim


February 13, 2013

Red Story

Irina and Maksim

Hotel "National", Moscow

June 7, 2017

Wedding in Montenegro

Image wedding photo session for the hotel
"Regent Porto Montenegro, 5 *

March 2015